My work is the result of years spent fabricating in metal,wood and plastic. I combine that experience with a fine arts background to create progressive furnishings that are grounded by classical joinery techniques.

After studying sculpture at Maine College of Art I worked as a cabinetmaker in NYC and later for the Industrial Design department at Pratt Institute. In 2013 I founded the company Whyte to bring my experience in art, craft and design into a single practice and promote it as a commercial endeavor. I have shown work during New York Design Week with Reclaim NYC, The American Design Club, Sight Unseen Offsite and at the Architectural Digest Home Show. Recent projects include the LPP Residency, collaborating with the company  Shinola on new products and expanding my evolving line of furniture.

I am interested in the ways technical processes can effect the emotional quality of a work. 

-Brendan Mullins